I understand the difficulties of juggling jobs and having to prioritise, trying to keep so many people happy; customers, suppliers, agencies, the Government, it goes on and on.

Now, helping people is where my passion lies.  I want to make my client’s lives a little easier, take away some of the grind and free them up to get back to what drives them, what they started the business for and, ultimately, what makes them money.

Perhaps I should just tell you a bit about me…..


Hello, I’m Sarah Morant, the Positive PA.  My business is all about giving you more time to do your business.

I want my website to be all about you, my customer…or potential customer, but this page is called About, so I’ll give you a quick bit of background about me and then you can dive into the rest of the site which talks about you and some of the ways I might be able to help you.

I heard an inspiring business person speaking recently about her career and how she’d “careered” from one job to another, before she found her niche.  Well, I guess I’ve done that too, but on the way I’ve picked up a variety of skills which I hope to use in order to help make your working life that bit better.  I’m still learning new skills too, because we should never stop learning.

So, I’ve been a  tax clerk, a Mum, a bank clerk, a life model (just for a few months), a workroom assistant for a photographer (one of my favourite jobs), an admin assistant and travel arranger for a bunch of guys in a Norwegian IT company (in Berkshire!) who went around Europe networking computer systems for multi-national companies, assistant to a Marketing Director and then I moved to Gloucestershire, towards the end of the 90’s, having travelled west from Hampshire, through Surrey, Berkshire and Wiltshire.

Next stop was as assistant to the IT consultants in Business Link, followed by a stint in customer services, signposting business people to a variety of information, advice and guidance (and funding when the Government decided to cough up some cash!).

Nearly there…

I then moved on to work for a training company, providing Management and Personal Development training to local companies, business people and individuals throughout the County.  Lots of different jobs in that one, as it was a “not for profit social enterprise”, so we all had to wear several hats at once!  Lots of juggling and plate-spinning, lots of planning and organising (events, delegates, trainers, suppliers and facilities), running a team of administrators, minute taking for the Board, filing, archiving, invoicing….I could go on forever!

I decided at the beginning of 2016 that I’d like to work for myself, helping others and having fun doing it….. so here I am.  Ready to work with you to make your life calmer, easier, more organised, more rewarding, giving you more time to enjoy what you do and what you want to do; whatever you need.

Right, that’s enough about me, let’s talk about you……..